Health Resolutions – a bit more positive

It’s amazing how quickly the week goes by sometimes.

So this week was definitely better than last.
On Wednesday I went to ballet and had a great class. I really love the teacher – she’s exactly what I need to get me out of the bad habits funk I’ve been in since I left high school. (The biggest downside of UArts was the lack of levels. My freshman year it was rumored they accidentally sent acceptance letters to people on the wait list, so nearly half my year, if not more, was inept at ballet. Literally, we spent 45 minutes of my first ballet class freshman year teaching people leg and arm positions and how to do a tendu. Therefore, I was never pushed in ballet, except occasionally by Scott Jovovich.) I took the bus to work later that day, so I walked 1.8 miles.
Thursday I drove home for the weekend. We walked a little bit, but not much. (Eventually, when I’m not completely, 100%, totally broke 100% of the time, I want to buy a pedometer.)
On Friday Nick and I walked around the grocery store, but again, that doesn’t count.
Saturday was gorgeous, so we went on a hike. I don’t know how far we hiked, but we were out for 2.5 hours or so?
I had company rehearsal on Sunday. It was 4 hours, but I didn’t dance full out (I slipped on ice outside of the hot tub the night before and bruised my ankle), so I didn’t break a sweat.
I walked 1.8 miles on both Monday and Tuesday.

Today marks three weeks of taking my vitamin every day! I do believe this is the most consistent I’ve ever been!
Yesterday I was bumming because a friend from high school goes to a university with a weight requirement and I think she’s too skinny now and I’m definitely completely jealous. Lame, I know. I told Becky I wanted some ice cream but didn’t want to because of aforementioned friend. She said “you shouldn’t deprive yourself of ice cream just because she’s making bad decisions about her health”. True words, awesome roommate of mine. [And we’re not saying that aforementioned friend IS making bad decisions regarding her health. If you’re reading this, just know we want you to be healthy and if you are then good. If you aren’t, please take care of yourself. I love you always.] I compromised by doing my sit-ups for the day and then having a bit of ice cream.

There aren’t any classes at the studio this week because of mid-winter break (and today would’ve been canceled anyway because Seattle is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS and freaks out at the mere thought of snow, so Issaquah preemptively canceled school today even though it’s TOTALLY COMPLETELY DRY AND SNOW FREE today [much to my chagrin]), so no ballet for me this week. I have Friday off from work, so I think I’ll head over to Mount Si or Little Si to get in a good hike. Friday is supposed to be clear, so hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I think I’ll add in a goal of going on a hike once a week. I NEED to start hiking more to get in shape for Rainier.


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