fortyfive – fiftyone

february 14, 2011

D and I had our Valentine’s lunch date at Coffee Girl. How adorable are these lemon custard bites Debbie made?!

february 15, 2011

While going through all my cds I discovered this gem. I never once made the connection between Kat, sonacry, and Kdawg!

february 16, 2011

I’m always so stupid proud of myself when I French braid my hair.

february 17, 2011

After a tri-fecta of delicious Fort George brews at Harbor Bites, we took Nick out to the cove. There were a couple surfers out there for a little bit. I adore the Oregon Coast.

february 18, 2011

Nothing beats the sunsets on the North Coast.

february 19, 2011

I love hiking with my sweet Explorer!

february 20, 2011

Rehearsal! I adore dance.


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