thirtyeight – fortyfour

february 7, 2011

Yesterdays company rehearsal left me with bruises galore.

february 8, 2011

Today was BEAUTIFUL!

february 9, 2011

Very happy with the combination of Photoshop Elements (Christmas present ’09 from my parents) and my new camera (Christmas present ’10 from D) because it means I can improve photos I take quickly on the fly.
Mt. Rainier from the I-90 floating bridge.

february 10, 2011

Yum! Gina and I decided a glass of wine would make cleaning up after work a lot easier.

february 11, 2011

Gina is my favorite co-worker.

february 12, 2011

Man, my mister is so cute! We had an amazing breakfast at Grandma’s Country Kitchen for so cheap – we split a huge cinnamon roll, D got a huge chicken fried steak with that huge pancake and I got a slightly smaller pancake with bacon and eggs – all for $20!

february 13, 2011

We went out to Baked Alaska for our Valentine’s date tonight. For dessert, a 1/2 Baked Alaska. So yummy!


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