thirtyone – thirtyseven

january 31, 2011

Tammy has a monkey on her back!

february 1, 2011

You know, for someone who has previously claimed a dislike of cheese, I sure did buy a lot of it on my [$160 on my credit card because I’m totally broke] Safeway trip yesterday.

february 2, 2011

I love, love, love when I can see the Olympics on the other side of the Sound. It’s so freakin’ beautiful here.

february 3, 2011

Unintentional night bokeh on my walk home from work. So pretty.

february 4, 2011

Gabi helped me revamp my resume and I got some printed (with my head shot on back) today. Audition for a company tomorrow!

february 5, 2011

B is in town!

february 6, 2011

First rehearsal! Four hours of near constant movement. I have some nice bruises on my knees, left elbow, and right shoulder. Yay dance!


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