Black Swan


The Explorer and I went to see Black Swan tonight.
Oh my god. Wow.

I have been looking forward to seeing it since the first preview I saw. I was a little apprehensive when I first heard about it, but as soon as I started hearing reviews, I was hooked. I was worried it would be a movie with bad edits between the close ups of Natalie and long shots of whichever ballerina they cast as the actual dancer (a la Center Stage).
I was even more apprehensive when most everyone I know who has seen it has told me it’s “messed up”, “weird”, and “not my favorite”.

I was captivated from the very beginning.
I almost cried when they showed company class.
I love ballet. I love dance. It is so very beautiful. It’s so perfect.
It’s magical to me.

And yes, it is a very messed up movie.
But, god. It’s BEAUTIFUL.
It’s brilliant.
Absolutely brilliant.

A few gripes as an ultra picky dancer:

  • Mila Kunis is NO WHERE near tall enough (or thin enough) to be from San Francisco.  True, they didn’t specify which company in San Francisco she is from, but if you are a ballerina and say you’re from “San Francisco”, dancers will automatically assume you mean San Francisco Ballet.  She is 5’3″.  While SFB is one of the few professional ballet companies without an official height requirement, most of their dancers are tall (and definitely taller than 5’3″) and they have in the past been known as the thinnest company in the country.
  • When they called 5 minutes for the white swan, Nina (Natalie Portman’s character) hadn’t even put her point shoes on yet, let alone her tights.  She’s have her tights on from the moment she was in the theatre and she’d definitely have her pointe shoes on under her muklucks.
  • There is not a single professional ballet company that would allow Lily (Mila Kunis’s character) to have a back tattoo that large .  No way, no how.
  • HELLO FOUETES.  Swan Lake.  32 fouettes.  That is the only requirement for a clip from Swan Lake.  Thirty-two.  Fouetes.  Anyone who knows anything about Swan Lake understands 32 fouetes.  I saw 4.  Total.  In the entire movie.  I mean, I get it.  Yes Natalie trained super hard, lost 20lbs to look like a ballerina, and trained super hard for the roll (the repetition of “trained super hard” is necessary because ballet IS NOT EASY) but a body double would’ve lost the intensity of the moments.  But Swan Lake requires 32 fouetes.

But, aside from those few nit-picky things, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!
It was beautiful.  It was amazing.  Oh my god.  Pure brilliance.  Perfection.  Breath taking.  Wow.
Had I not obviously been the only dancer in the theatre, I would have cried.

If you haven’t seen Black Swan.
Go. See. Cry. Be blown away.

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