I know the end of January is a bit late for a resolutions post, but better late than never, right?

  • Stop biting my nails! I was doing really well about not biting them for a long time, then I drove home to Astoria in the rain one night and I bit them all off. And because I bit my thumb nails back too far to use them to push my cuticles on my other fingers back, I never gave myself manicures, and therefore continued to bit them. Wretched catch-22! A friend recently had to go to the hospital because he had a terrible infection on his thumb that he thinks he got from biting his nails, so thats even more motivation to stop. I don’t think I’ve bit them since the New Year and I’m really proud of myself. They’re starting to look really good again and I’ve been really good about giving myself regular manicures to maintain them.
  • Ab/arm work 5 days a week. Every time I see a dance video of myself, I think I look chunky. And I’ve come to realize it’s not because I actually am chunky, it’s because my abs are really weak and therefore I don’t remember to hold them while dancing. So instead of getting down on myself for the way videos of me look, I’m actually going to do something about it for once!
  • Walk at least 1.5 miles every day. On days I work I walk 1.8 miles total to and from the bus. On days I teach I walk 1.6 miles total to and from the bus. I recently found a perfect 1.5 mile loop near my apartment that I plan on walking on my days off. I really want this to be the year I get in shape and sitting on my tush on my days off is not going to get me there any sooner.
  • Take more dance classes! I moved to Seattle to dance more and yet I’m rarely in class. I know it’s mainly because I can’t currently afford to take class, but I get free classes at IDT since I teach, so I have no excuse for not taking as many as possible. My goal to begin with is at least two per week (adult ballet on Wednesday and Friday mornings) and once I get a little more stable with money add in at least two more at Velocity and Westlake.
  • Find a yoga class. Along with taking more dance classes once I have a bit more money, I want to find a yoga class to take at least once a week. My body feels more much better when I’m taking yoga regularly. I live on Capitol Hill where there are about a gazillion yoga studios. Once I’m not brokebrokebroke, I’ll have no excuse.
  • Change my sheets every month. I have always been HORRIBLE at remembering to change my sheets regularly. Since I’m supposedly an adult now, I want to work on being more adult like with my habits.
  • Climb Mt. Rainier! I have always wanted to climb her and jokingly told The Explorer we should make the trek for my 24th birthday. I didn’t think I’d be able to get in shape for a 14,411ft mountain, but he says as long as we get me on some hikes with elevation (since I’m definitely a sea-level girl – Astoria’s official elevation is 23ft), I’ll be fine. So, if all goes well, in 5 months I’ll be in the final preparations for a major mountain climb and I can’t wait!
  • Move back to Oregon. We are vacillating between Eugene and Portland, but I’ll definitely be moving back to Oregon after the October New Vision show. I love Seattle and I’m definitely glad I moved up here, but I’m an Oregon girl. I miss it. I miss being close to D. I miss my parents. I miss Oregon for a million reasons I can’t put my finger on. I think Eugene is the front runner right now. It’s closer to The Explorer’s Mom. It’s closer to his schools physical campus. University of Oregon is right there and I’m going to look into finishing my degree there. I’m still an Oregon resident, Clatsop has a degree transfer program with them, my parents can’t claim me on their taxes anymore so I’ll get more financial aid, and I most likely only have a year left to get a BFA in Dance from a state school. I obviously wouldn’t be starting until the spring semester, so first step is file my taxes, fill out my FAFSA, and talk to the UO dance department.
  • Save $1000. Originally I had hoped to save $1200 this year, but I’m definitely not in a position to save $100 a month on top of my rent, credit card, school loan (which is almost paid off!), insurance, cell phone bill, groceries, and dance classes. Money is lame.
  • Anywhere but China. D and I have started paying a lot more attention to where the products we buy are made. Our motto at the moment is “anywhere buy China” – too many jobs are being shipped overseas and China is the worst offender for cheap labor. Since we’re both Mac-heads, the exception is our computers, phones, and cameras (since most of the major camera companies are Chinese companies, not American companies that ship their jobs overseas). It’s nice being more aware of where things I buy are made and it’s made purchasing decisions a lot easier. Over the summer when I purchased my hiking pants I had three pairs that I really liked: the REI brand, North Face ones, and a pair of prAna ones (I think). The North Face ones were the only pair not made in China, so my decision was made!

What about you? Any resolutions for 2011? Any resolutions for tomorrow?

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