photo365: three – nine

january 3, 2011

Sue Ann is finally fixed! D and I took pictures through the whole project and he’s going to make a post in some Subaru message boards so no one else has to suffer through a leaking car (there’s no real instructions on how to fix a leaky sunroof on the google machine).

january 4, 2011

Awesome thing about being short? Skiing on skis that fit behind the front seats of my car!

january 5, 2011

I finally MacGuyvered my bookcase together, so my room is nearly all done now! Just need a bed frame and it’ll be finished!

january 6, 2011

This was our day at work: folding 250 box bottoms, filling 250 8-piece boxes, cushioning+inserting 250 boxes, folding 250 box lids, and ribboning about half. Weeeeee.

january 7, 2011

I always feel badly, stealing money from my change growler. But I haven’t been to the bank yet and I needed milk for my coffee!

january 8, 2011

I GOT A PACKAGE FROM KDAWG! She made me a mug! She knit me a hat! She bought me a book! [i’m worried the wordygirls will all hate me because my gifts are not nearly as awesome =(]

january 9, 2011

I have absolutely no excuse for not making legit dinners more often. Stir-fry took me maybe 10 minutes to make. So yummy!


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