photo365: threehundredfiftyfour – threehundredsixty

december 20, 2010

The mall is so silent and still at 7am.

december 21, 2010

Two years ago today Tammy told us that “Jim thinks you should date”. <3333

december 22, 2010

We really like the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery, so before heading down today I made sure to pick up some tasty brews!

december 23, 2010

Tammy let me pop behind the counter and make my drink today. I miss that espresso machine. After making my drink, I wanted to hug it. It’s so wonderful.

december 24, 2010

A relaxing Christmas Eve, playing with the dogs. ❤

december 25, 2010

Spent Christmas day skiing at Willamette Pass with my sweet baby. I skied a black! I rocked it, linking turns the whole way down! Man, I love him and I love skiing.

december 26, 2010

Photo 001 from my NEW camera! My sweet baby bought me one of the cute, tiny Canon Powershots. Now 2011s photos will be much better than 2010s!


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