photo365: threehundredfive – threehundredeleven

november 1, 2010

Jamie is stuffed.

november 2, 2010

New apartment! I’ll be living without a bed, desk, or dresser until next weekend, but that’s fine. It’s a new apartment! And it’s QUIET! And I have a whole wall of closets!

november 3, 2010

Oh, Seattle. I adore you. And I’m glad to see snow on the Olympics again. And I’m glad this is the view from my street.

november 4, 2010

Joe, the owner of the English pub next door, gave Kelly, who in turn gave me, a bottle of his favorite beer. Yay free beer! I’m saving it for when D comes up next weekend.

november 5, 2010

This is how I shall spend my 6 hours at work. It’s the new girls third day training, so I’m letting her run the show.

november 6, 2010

I have too many keys. And this is even sans my “Astoria keys”. Subaru key, D’s house key (which I guess I can move to my other key ring), apartment key, building key, work key, theatre key, mail key. Keys keys keys.

november 7, 2010

I’ve finally decided to retire my 2003 RDA (Regional Dance America) bag and start using my Shanghaied one. I get looks every once and a while, but I don’t mind. =D


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