photo365: twohundredsixtythree – twohundredsixtynine

september 20, 2010

D’s smaller Peace Lily bloomed for the first time (we think)!

september 21, 2010

I’m so proud of myself for not biting my nails recently! I’ve been good and giving myself a manicure once a week and cutting them before they get so long that I bite them.

september 22, 2010

BEAUTIFUL day here at Pike Place.

september 23, 2010

My first Wordy Girls video is up!

september 24, 2010

I finished my hat today! Just in time for a date with my mister. <3333

september 25, 2010

My baby and I did The Puyallup today! It was both of our first times and it was great. A perfect night for the fair. Plus, we were together, which is always wonderful.

september 26, 2010

So I’ve finally given into Harry Potter. They’re better than I expected, so I apologize for making fun of every single person who reads them. Not apologizing for making fun of people who fangirl though.
Happy Read Banned Books week!


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