Wordy Girls!

So some of my favorite people reside on the internet in a group called 2_lines.
And some of my favorite favorites started a vlog called WordyGirls. Each week there’s a topic and they talk about it, or whatever they feel like, and it’s amazing.

Proof of said amazingness:

B, wearing a disguise, and having technology fail/being awesome.

Christa, my favorite internet star, rapping for Kat’s birthday.

Cate, being awesome and British.

Kat, speaking Spanish and confusing me.

And now…

There’s a new Wordy Girl!


And of course, outtakes.

So, be awesome. Subscribe to Wordy Girls on youtube. Add us on Facebook and Twitter.
I’m every Thursday, but the other four girls are pretty awesome, so you should watch every day!


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