photo365: twohundredfortynine – twohundredfiftyfive

september 6, 2010

Liz’s dog Aspen loves beer. It’s funny watching her drink from the can!

september 7, 2010

Hops! I wish I had known Fort George was collecting for the new CoHOPertive, cause then we could’ve brought some back from Missoula!
[No camera + shoddy ATT service in Montana (meaning, I didn’t bring my phone with me places) = no photos of the fun stuff we did in Missoula]

september 8, 2010

Amber waves of grain, 257 miles into the 370 miles I drove today.

september 9, 2010

Sure, I’ll sit here in the booth wasting time on my computer while you run the slide show via remote on your computer. For nearly 9 hours. Especially at $15/hr!

september 10, 2010

I love being “that girl who knits on the bus”.

september 11, 2010

I spy a Nutcrakcer! Tis the season!

september 12, 2010

GREAT photo shoot for New Vision Dance Company today at the Olympic Sculpture Park/Myrtle Edwards Park. Come see the show!!!


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