Hometown girl lovin’

So whenever I’m slightly homesick or it’s raining or I’m in a really mellow mood and need the perfect soundtrack, I listen to Blind Pilot.
They’re mostly from Astoria and Kati has been working at my beloved Coffee Girl this summer.
I may or may not have a little crush on Ryan, the drummer.
I may or may not tipsily tell them how much I love them every time I see any of them at Fort George.
I might be a little star struck by how amazing their music is and how down to earth and awesome they all are in person.

I can see the red building from The Explorer’s old house. I see that river every day when I’m home. Coffee girl sits in a similar building, just east of there. I know those hills on the Washington side like the back of my hand.
I love Astoria. I love the people in Astoria.
I’m glad I fell in love with them while living at home, but I sort of wish I had seen the video first while living in Philadelphia, because I know I would’ve known from the very beginning exactly where it was filmed. I’ve adored that red building since I was five.

I haven’t been home since July 24th and I’m a wee bit homesick tonight.


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