photo365: twohundredtwentyone – twohundredtwentyseven

august 9, 2010

I love watching jets land at the airport with my Explorer. Really, I love doing anything with my Explorer.

august 10, 2010

My sweet darling love of my life and I went up to Rainier today. The mountain was clouded over, but the views south were beautiful. Can’t wait to climb her next June!

august 11, 2010

Recipe for a wonderful evening: friends and fellow dancers + delicious dinner + So You Think You Can Dance + yummy wine (my first glass ever!).

august 12, 2010

I love working here. Foggy sleepy mornings here are definitely coming in a close second the sleepy mornings at the pier.

august 13, 2010

I have such a love for black Chucks and jeans.

august 14, 2010

I bet the actual sunset today was amazing!

august 15, 2010

So anyone who has ever watched Cabaret with me knows my love of “Mein Herr” and my desire to play Sally Bowles one day. Melissa just sent out the casting for the New Vision show in October – hello dance I have wanted to be in since I was 12 or 13!


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