photo365: twohundredseven – twohundredthirteen

july 26, 2010

Homework from my new job: tie awesome bows.

july 27, 2010

Iced Thundermuck made via my aeropress is my new favorite drink.

july 28, 2010

I like my summer online tv watching traditions. It’s usually about this time every year that I finally watch Doctor Who. I’m not sure how I feel about Eleven yet, but River Song is in that picture there, so there is hope. The episode with Ten, the library, and River Song is one of my favorites.

july 29, 2010

I got to Issaquah early for rehearsal today, so I stopped by REI. Snagged the North Face shirt I’ve been lusting after since December and a great semi-fitted Under Armor that I’ve been needing. I love clearance.

july 30, 2010

(Get it? Cause it’s froggy out?)

july 31, 2010

Best license plate ever? I think so.

august 1, 2010

Jason, Daryl, Teewinot, and I went flying around Mt. Hood today. It was amazing. So glad to be in the air again – we hadn’t flown since February!


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