photo365: onehundredeightysix – onehundrednintytwo

july 5, 2010

D is watching his Mom’s dog Willow right now, so there’s two puppers at the house. I like it.

july 6, 2010

I went to my first drive-in movie today! Lynne, Jc, and I saw Grown Ups at Valley 6 Drive-In in Kent tonight.

july 7, 2010

God, The Mountain literally takes my breath away every time I see her. She’s beautiful. I really hope to climb her.

july 8, 2010

I forgot just how much I LOVE being in the middle of the city until I went downtown today. I need to move now.

july 9, 2010

93* and fabulous today!

july 10, 2010

Waaaay too beautiful to be inside all day. Went to the park and read for a bit, then to the brewery for a salad and beer, then I stopped and got an ice cream on the way back to the house.

july 11, 2010

Not working tomorrow = I can take a nap at 4pm.


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