photo365: onehundredseventytwo – onehundredseventyeight

june 21, 2010

I love visiting Coffee Girl because it’s like I never left!

june 22, 2010

I can has iOS4!

june 23, 2010

It was waaaaay too beautiful to be inside today, so I walked 2.5 miles to the park and read for a bit, then I walked 1.8 miles to the brewery for dinner, then I walked 2 miles back to the house. I love being outside.

june 24, 2010

The start of my birthday-weekend-made-of-awesome: the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Elliott. Normally it runs around $650/night – we snagged it for a guest room gift certificate and a $100 upgrade. Awesome deal is awesome.

june 25, 2010

I love sleepy mornings in my sleepy town. Thankfully it turned nice later in the day so my parents had a beautiful 27th wedding anniversary!

june 26, 2010

D and I are both really bummed that ski season is over. I tried to draw Teewinot but failed horribly.

june 27, 2010

23rd Birthday camping!
And, in case you were wondering, I did in fact get a sunburn. Though thankfully it’s not as bad as last years.


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