Sunshine and photographs

Sometimes I forget just how much the weather can affect (effect? I always forget) my mood.

That is, until it rains for days and days and days and I feel like Seattle has completely forgotten to bring us summer.
And then my ankle starts to hurt and I convince myself I’ll never be able to dance.
And then my hours are cut at work and I realize just how broke I am and how much I still owe on my student loan for the college I dropped out of and my credit card.
And then my car breaks down and I spend 5 hours trying to get it back to the house, when I’d rather just sit in the Target parking lot, sobbing, until the boyfriend could get there to save me.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

Seattle View mt. rainier P4206386r3

But then the weather changes and the Mountain stands in all her majestic glory and I’m fine again.
It’s hard, being pulled by the weather like that, but I deal with it better now than I once did. I’m learning to take steps towards pulling myself out of the weather. I latch onto the beautiful days and try to fill myself with the sunshine. My freckles are returning and I couldn’t be happier.

A handful of weeks ago Ashley over at Not Without Salt re-tweeted a request for models/actors/musicians who needed photos. Zack Arias was coming to town as part of creativeLIVE and he needed subjects for his class. In a moment of not over thinking (for once), I sent them an email saying I was a dancer in need of new headshots/bodyshots and if they still needed someone I was available. I corresponded with Dan, his assistant, for a couple days and it was decided: I’d join the class for a couple hours on Sunday.
I seriously almost talked myself out of going. I was going to let the rain, and thus my subsequent mood, justify completely flaking on the project.
But the sun came back out and all was right with the world. After a fun rehearsal for En L’Air Dance, I drove (in a borrowed tank of a van – I wasn’t speaking to Sue Ann after the incident a few days prior) to Within SoDo for the shoot. I, of course, stood around awkwardly for a bit, but the Mom of one of the models and Rachel (one of the lucky students at the workshop) both put me at ease with their sweet smiles and kind words.
Zack’s wife, Megan, came up to me not long after I arrived completely overflowing with energy. She had a great vision for photos with me and would I show her the clothes I brought? Unfortunately I didn’t have a tutu with me (which is too bad cause I think the finished product would’ve looked even better with one), but the skirt I had worked. She set up a redneck living room and wanted to play with the juxtaposition of a classical ballerina in a living room covered in beer bottles and cigarette butts. I went to hair and makeup then played the “hurry up and wait” game.
Once we started, I had so much fun! I haven’t seen most of the photos yet, but Zack posted two of them on his blog yesterday:

[photo credit: Zack Arias, obviously]

Unfortunately we ran out of time for me to get any bodyshots, but thats okay. I had so much fun! I can’t wait until Zack sends me the rest of the photos – I saw some of them as they were taken and I think he got a couple good headshots of me.

And, all is not lost with Sue Ann. I discovered there’s a great Subaru mechanic about a mile away from here, so this morning I dropped her off. I was worried her head gaskets would need to be replaced, as her symptoms were similar to The Explorer’s Outback when those went, and thats a $1100 repair. Thankfully, it was just her radiator. And they can fix the ball joint that was making my front right tire shutter when I turn left for HALF the cost the mechanic in Astoria quoted me. I should have her back tomorrow, good as new.
Well, as good as new as a 1991 Subaru with 257,727 miles on it can be!


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