photo365: onehundredfiftyeight – onehundredsixtyfour

june 7, 2010

I made D and I from-scratch Beef Broccoli for dinner tonight. Yum! He literally licked his plate clean, much to Teewinot’s chagrin.

june 8, 2010

I realized today that I have to use this gift certificate by the end of the month. It may expire 7/31, but it’s not valid during the month of July.

june 9, 2010

Anna and I went to the brewery and knit tonight. I’m knitting a blanket from all my partial skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran – and the first three colors just happen to match my room at home perfectly.

june 10, 2010

White really is the worst possible color for me to wear.

june 11, 2010

I left the house to run a couple errands. Sue Ann started over heating and by the time I pulled into the Target parking lot, she was blowing steam from the radiator hose. Bought some coolant and let her cool down before attempting to drive home. I made it all of one mile. Ended up being towed back to the house. It was a 5 hour venture.

june 12, 2010

Flew solo for the first time at the theatre today. It was fun, though lacking organization on their part.

june 13, 2010

In hair and makeup before my shoot with Zack Arias!


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