photo365: onehundredfiftyone – onehundredfiftyseven

may 31, 2010

My cute boyfriend and I went down to Terwilliger hot springs near Eugene today.

june 1, 2010

Of the energy drinks I have tried, this was definitely the least horrible tasting, but ugh. I could taste the Guarana, which I hate.

june 2, 2010

This is my favorite house in my coffee shops neighborhood.

june 3, 2010

Yay Mariners! My parents came to town today and we went to Cheezburger Nite (and yes, bobble-lolcats were procured!). AND we won! Its the first winning game we’ve been to since September 2007!

june 4, 2010

I always try my hardest to get all the lotion out of containers before I recycle them – if I’m going to spend $11.50 on lotion, I don’t want to waste any. Plus, I’m sure its better for the environment this way.

june 5, 2010

Made a discovery today when grabbing my spare so we could rotate my tires. An unopened bottle of Dry Sherry from 2003. I’m sure hiding it there made sense to someone.

june 6, 2010

I’m getting photos taken, FOR FREE, next Sunday with Zack Arias. Thank you social media for awesome opportunities!


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