photo365: onehundredfortyfour – onehundredfifty

may 24, 2010

I did my Caffe Vita training today. Man, I need to be working at a coffee roasters. I miss coffee being the important thing. Doing all I can (and having my boss expect that I do all I can) to make the very best drink I can for each and every customer. *grumble grumble*

may 25, 2010

It really is too bad I still have a slight aversion to wearing blue shirts after all these years, ’cause every time I wear this one people tell me how great the color is for me. (I really should just get over it – it’s been nearly 10 years since middle school ended.)

may 26, 2010

Oh, twitter.

may 27, 2010

Slash, why yes, I will sit here and read this for $15/hr.

may 28, 2010

Man, I love my backpack. D did such a good job on birthday gifts last year (plus it helps that it was on sale for $50 – from $300+!).

may 29, 2010

I ended up heading home this weekend for early birthday celebrations for the boyfriend. He made us amazing green coconut curry chicken for dinner!

may 30, 2010

I totes rocked at birthday gifts this year.
I’m so proud of myself for this little project of mine – a photo of Rainier + a photo of D at the South Jetty + a photo of Teewinot on top of Mt. St. Helens. Thank you, Real Simple, for letting me know about CafePress customizable Sigg water bottles!


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