T-Bone and ‘nakes

A couple weeks ago my love and I went to the beach and watched the sunset. We of course had Teewinot, so we ran around the beach for a bit.

I sound like a little girl when I giggle.

The Explorer (and Bones!) will be here on Friday and I can’t wait to see them.
We’re going to go hiking and camp Saturday night.
Some of my friends from high school are getting together Saturday for an early lunch at Pomegranate – the cute restaurant that opened around the corner from us my senior year. I’m not totally sure what our plans are, but I’m hoping we at least stop by to say hi. It’ll be fun to show him where I went to school – even if it is Sammamish Baseball Academy now. Maybe they’ll let me wander around if I ask nicely and bat my eyes.

I’ve been sort of mopey the past couple of days.
I’ve been pretty convinced the past couple of years that I forgot how to make friends years ago.
Tonight I decided I need to be proactive and less anti-social, because otherwise it’s my fault if I’m lonely.
I signed up for Diva Night at REI next month and started looking into outdoor clubs. The Mountaineers have an “Under The Hill Rovers” group for 20 and 30 somethings. They have potlucks once a month and I’ve decided I need to make myself go to one. I have to make an effort if I want to have friends, and whats the worst that can happen? I’ll feel awkward and leave early? Basically the story of my life already, so I’ll know how to deal.

I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is cuter than yours.


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