photo365: onehundredthirty – onehundredthirtysix

may 10, 2010

I love and miss the kitty when I’m gone. She loves and misses me too, despite her meowing at me when I pick her up, I promise.

may 11, 2010


may 12, 2010

Two things. First, I love the way old paper smells. Second, first class mail was only 18¢ in 1988.

may 13, 2010

It’s killing me, not being able to go flying.  The Explorer needs to hurry up and buy a plane so I don’t have to rent one when I start taking lessons.

may 14, 2010

It’s been way too nice to stay inside all day, so I’ve taken to either going to the park or sitting on the patio to read. It’s wonderful.

may 15, 2010

A perfect s’more. A more perfect s’more has never been made. It was delicious.

may 16, 2010

If the weather cooperates, tomorrow I plan to break in my new trail pants on a hike. However, I’ve had a horrible headache all night that I think is because the weather is changing, which sucks.


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