photo365: onehundredsixteen – onehundredtwentytwo

april 26, 2010

Like my sweet sunburn? It’s my first skiing burn!

april 27, 2010

Hit up Mick Kelly’s for open mic tonight. Lynne brought school work to do. It was amusing.

april 28, 2010

I completely adore these windows. I have them open all the time. Even when it’s raining, cause then I can hear the pitter-patter of Seattle rain.

april 29, 2010

I love fluffy clouds. I’m starting to wonder if I’m so enthralled with them because we don’t have them at home, or at least not this often?

april 30, 2010

Got kinda dolled up to see Becky in a Cornish show tonight. I like that I can go from feeling blah about my looks to thinking I’m the shit with one shade of eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and lipstick.

may 1, 2010

How you can tell I’m taking Melissa’s jazz class again: my knees are bruised. Also, check out that bruise from my ski boot last weekend!

may 2, 2010

It’s weird reading memoirs set in small towns I know (in this case, the Tri-Cities, where my Mom grew up), thinking about all the people who’ve read it and don’t know those towns. For all they know, Kennewick is a made up place.


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