Snow bunny

As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I learned how to ski this year.
I have always wanted to ski. I have a memory of being at a mountain when I was super little and having skis on, but I have been known to completely make up memories, so I don’t know if that’s a real memory or not. Either way, I’ve been itching to ski since I was four or so. However, aside from an executive director at my high school who promised to take us all skiing (which was vetoed by the principal and heads of the dance department), I’ve never known anyone who skis.
Until my wonderful amazing boyfriend whom I am head over heels in love with (can someone explain that phrase? My head is almost always over my heels?). He skis. He loves to ski. He’s cute when he skis.

Since I just started work last Tuesday, I was able to get Friday-Monday off for a skiing weekend. After work on Thursday I drove from Seattle to Astoria – sunroof open and Dave Matthews blasting the whole time. After some welcome home kisses from my mister I went home and hung out with my parents for a bit (and I amended my taxes, which ended up being all for not), then went to my favorite, Fort George, for last call. My mug was dusty!

In the morning we hit up Coffee Girl for some caffeine before heading to Portland. After picking Jason up and driving through the country, we made it to the mountain for first chair (well, almost). I got my rentals and pass and met up with the boys outside.

Mt. Hood Meadows runs a “Pond Skim” at the end of every season. 100 contestants enter – make it across the pond, you go on to the final round. You get style points, costume points, and crowd reaction points. If you totally wipe out, like this girl you get splash points. We only watched a dozen or so of the 100 before hitting the slopes, but it was definitely entertaining.

For the first time I felt like I was skiing with the boys. I mean, obviously there were times when they took harder runs than I did, but we started at the top together and I made it to the bottom not longer after they did. Because my baby loves me, he skied with me for a bit in the afternoon – Jason is always doing crazy stuff, and this way he and I could stop and take photos.

After my lesson on [the very beautiful, bluebird] Sunday we met up at the car for lunch.
The Explorer is very silly and tends to take eightybazillion photos of me – slowly getting closer and closer until I could probably bite the camera. Usually I make faces at him in response, but after nearly a year and a half(!) I’ve learned that just prolongs the process.

But today? Today I retaliated.
I love his cute adorable baby face. I do miss his beardy mountain man look, but man. Look how cute he is! I hope I get to stare at his cute mug for the rest of my life.

About half way down the mountain is the Mazot, an espresso, beer, and wine bar. It’s pretty fabulous.

I’m kinda sad Sunday was my last day of the season. I mean, Meadows is open the first three weekends of May, but I can’t afford to go again.
I can’t wait until next year. I’m excited for pre-season sales, because I fully intend on snagging sweet skis and boots. And probably another jacket, as this one makes me look like a marshmallow.
I’m glad I learned to ski this year. I’m glad I learned to ski before Thanksgiving. I’m glad I got EIGHT days in. I’m glad my last two days of the season were at the end of April.
I can’t wait to rock the slopes next year and be a sexy snow bunny, haha.
[Please note how awesome my new backpack is!  On the last day of the sale I finally signed up for an REI membership – and snagged a sweet Gregory bag for 20% off.]


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