photo365: onehundrednine – onehundredfifteen

april 19, 2010

These flowers were not in bloom when I moved in. I like looking at them; they’re pretty.

april 20, 2010

I felt like I was knitting with giant, over-sized pencils.

april 21, 2010

Checked out a couple apartments and a condo with Anna this evening. I could’ve stood on the roof for hours!

april 22, 2010

Definite upside to starting a job? I can start feeding my change growler again!

april 23, 2010

I come home and visit my parents and what do I have to do? Stupid taxes.

april 24, 2010

It was Pond Skim today at Meadows! It was awesome seeing all the outrageous costumes. And brr, I would not want to fall into that water!

april 25, 2010

I was legit skiing today! I snagged a two hour lesson and everything finally felt like it was sinking in. I can’t wait for next season!


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