photo365: onehundredtwo – onehundredeight

april 12, 2010

It was raining and I was a bit homesick, so of course Blind Pilot was my music of choice.

april 13, 2010

Like how I have to light my Yankee Candle? It’s gotten too low for me to reach with a lighter and I ran out of matches.

april 14, 2010

Oh goodness, totally hooked on Alias now.

april 15, 2010

I finished Christa’s scarf yesterday (finally!), so I whipped up a pair of “pedicure socks” today. Now I can wear flip-flops without freezing my feet!

april 16, 2010

The view across the street from a cute shop I shadowed at today. The owner says she’ll call this weekend. [Note from the future: I got the job!]

april 17, 2010

I’ve been a knitting machine this week. I think I’m going to knit a third glove because the color-wise on the second isn’t nearly as pretty as the yarn still in the skein.

april 18, 2010

Pretty excited about my week. Dance classes, work, skiing with the boyfriend, and I get to see my parents!


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