Hello, Seattle

Seattle Skyline over I-5

I almost can’t believe how right everything feels, now that I’m back here.

Yesterday I went through and made a list of classes I could take around Seattle, organized by day and style.
I wish I didn’t have to worry about money and had my days free to do what I love. I would much rather spend them bouncing from one Seattle studio to another.
I don’t think I’ve ever wanted this as badly as I do now.
As much as I wish UArts had worked for me, I’m thankful it didn’t. I needed to take that time off from dance. I needed to need it again. I needed to find this fire, this spark in my chest. I needed to remember why I fell in love with it, all those years ago, dancing in the aisles at The Nutcracker when I was five. I went from being a dance major at my performing arts high school to being a dance major at an arts college and I forgot why.
A girl in my ballet class last Friday asked me to be in a piece of hers she’s choreographing for En L’air Dance in the fall. And one of my high school teachers asked me to be her assistant for her advanced jazz class.

I still can’t believe I’m here. That I’m doing this.
Every time I drive up I-5 and crest the hill next to the old Rainier Brewery building (now Tully’s headquarters), I’m blown away. I love the Seattle sky line. I started crying today as I drove down Yesler into Pioneer Square. I’m really here.
I’ve always loved the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle in particular. I think I forgot just how much I loved it though.
A couple weeks ago The Explorer and I hiked and camped at Shi Shi Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. Driving from Bremerton to Port Angeles and then out to Neah Bay, I felt my heart would burst. There is just something about the trees and the water and the way the air smells – it’s different than any other place I’ve lived (even though Astoria is basically the exact same, it’s just different here).

There are people who belong in the South, people who belong in L.A., people who belong in Europe, people who belong in New York.
Me? I’ll always be a Seattle girl.


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