Pretty things

So, I have this awesome friend Christa who is pretty much the bees knees. A couple months ago (okay, it was closer to six or so), we arranged a little trade. I would knit her a pair of gloves and a scarf and she would send me these amazing posters that she makes:

Aren’t those awesome?! I can’t wait until I get a job/have money/move into my own place. I’m going to mount them on foam core and they shall be fabulous.

She just made a new set inspired by great American icons.

I’ll definitely be getting that Audrey one, as she is the most fabulous person who ever lived.
But the two I really want? The two I need?

The love of my life, Fred Astaire:

AND the one she made at my request (because she is made of complete awesome), George Balanchine:

So are you looking for some awesome posters to adorn your wall with? Head over to Christa’s etsy shop, Charmstudio and check out what she has!


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