photo365: eightyeight – nintyfour

march 29, 2010

I discovered the grocer next to my Dad’s shop has my favorite driving candy!

march 30, 2010

Poor Sue Ann. I stuffed her completely full before taking off today.

march 31, 2010

I could not have asked for a more beautiful first day back in Seattle. If I hadn’t been there to witness it, I wouldn’t believe those clouds were real!

april 1, 2010

I’m thankful for video chat so my love and I can do stupid things like this. Also, please appreciate his goatee. It was gone by the time I saw him the next day.

april 2, 2010


april 3, 2010

The remains of a perfectly quintessential Saturday brunch: pear-and-cream cheese crepe, house potatoes, half an eggs Benedict, and of course, a Mimosa. Yum!

april 4, 2010

My Daddy made me French Toast for lunch today. Being spoiled is nice sometimes. =D


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