Thoughts from Seattle’s newest resident

Okay, so I’m not actually in Seattle. I’m in Burien, which is just south of Seattle. And technically today is the first day the house I’m living in counts as Burien, as they’ve just rezoned the neighborhoods. So let’s pretend I wrote this yesterday and call it good. =D

I had originally planned to leave Astoria on Monday, but The Explorer and I didn’t get back from our backpacking trip until 4am, so I decided sleep and rest was a better use of time than driving BACK up I-5. So, Tuesday morning I finished packing up my car (poor Sue Ann was completely stuffed! Trunk – two boxes, one huge suitcase, bag of shoes. Back seats – two plastic drawer units, two medium sized hard-sided suitcases, two bags of shoes, bag of books, ski bag, Gregory backpack, hangers. Front seat – pillow, computer bag, purse, and canvas bag o’ random stuff), gave my Mama a hug on her way out the door, stopped by my Dad’s shop, visited the mister at the hospital, grabbed coffee at my beloved Coffee Girl, then hit the road.
I left early enough in the day that I basically didn’t get stuck in any traffic. The worst of it was on 30 because of all the log trucks (driving down 30 is like living in Brian Regan’s log truck sketch), but 5 was a breeze. I basically didn’t have to slow down below 60 mph the whole time.

I made it to Lynne’s house (sans Lynne) and was unpacked within an hour and a half. I was amazed! I’ve never unpacked anything that quickly! That night I had dinner with my lovely Asha.
I have to say, it hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m living here again. Driving through Kirkland/Bellevue just gives me déjà vu. Which is fine most of the time, but other times I feel I’m back in high school and I don’t like it. After leaving Ashlyn’s parents house at midnight I had this weird compulsion to drive past the theatre I worked at/my h.s. best friend/boyfriend/whatever we were worked at. I wasn’t really a fan of that, as A. he doesn’t work there and B. it’s been years since we were friends.

Yesterday I ran some errands (including going to Target! Ah, to live within 5 minutes of Target again!) and took a ballet class at Westlake. It was an hour long level I/II class, but it was probably the best ballet class I’ve taken in years. There were only four of us in class, the teacher was awesome and actually gave me corrections(!), plus the studio was HUGE. I can’t wait to start taking more classes there.
After class I went to Lynne and Jc’s place and watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. I’m glad I’m being social and not keeping to myself like I normally do.

Tomorrow I’ll stop by a local theatre and talk to them about tech stuff (Jc is head tech or some such and said they’re always looking for fresh blood) then head down to Portland to see my mister! We’re catching our last ski of the season at Meadows on Saturday, then I’ll head home for Easter on Sunday.

After suffering through a terrible headache the past two days, I finally realized it was from lack of coffee. I hate/love that I have to drink coffee every day. I’ve never wanted to NEED any outside substance to get through my day, but coffee is delicious and few things are more amazing than iced triple shot Americanos with some caramel and non-fat milk.

Burien Press is super adorable and, even though I’m waiting to hear from Eirean at Caffe D’Arte before I start applying at shops, I asked if they were hiring. They aren’t, so I’ll cross my fingers that I hear from Eirean soon.
But seriously, I need to start working again. It’s been three weeks since my last shift at Coffee Girl, two weeks since my last paycheck, so I’m getting rusty on my espresso skills and my bank account is getting kinda thirsty.

[I’m amused that I hated having to drive to Longview for anything (an hour drive down 30), but I don’t blink an eye at leaving an hour+ before a dance class because of traffic. It’s obvious where my priorities are.]

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from Seattle’s newest resident

    1. Thanks Mama! =D
      I can’t wait to start working, as my bank account is starting to feel this whole “moving involves spending money” concept, but other than that I’m feeling really good about everything.
      Can’t wait to see you!

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