Ashabasha and Bizkatta

My first order of business after making it to Seattle in one piece was to have dinner with my high school bestest, Ashlyn. And her a-freakin-dorable baby, Piper.

In high school, my Mama always referred to Ash as my “heart friend”. She was more than just a friend, she knew my heart. We would often sit and talk for hours and hours. There was one New Years’ when we talked for six-hours straight.

In the years since I graduated both of our lives have changed a lot. She got married. I fell into an almost crippling depression. She had a baby. I dropped out of school and moved home. Our lives suddenly became vastly different and I always worried we’d never again have that connection we once did.

Last night we went out to dinner and talked for hours. Then we drove to her parents house and talked for hours.
It’s good to know some things never change.


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