photo365: sixtyseven – seventythree

march 8, 2010

The weather was ridiculous today. In the five minutes before and after this photo it was hailing, raining, super cloudy, and cloudlessly sunny.

march 9, 2010

I found Kelsi at Coffee Girl today. After our coffee we decided to visit my Mama at work. I always feel awkward pulling my camera out in random places, hence the feet shot. Sorry!

march 10, 2010

We had a going away party for me tonight at Fort George. I love my Coffee Girls (though I wish Sofie could’ve been there!).

march 11, 2010

There was no way I was going to put my uber-tight skinny jeans and heels back on this morning. So I stole D’s pj pants and tennis shoes. Much more comfortable to drive in!

march 12, 2010

Sean introduced me to what I think shall become my new favorite game: Plants vs. Zombies.

march 13, 2010

My evening: reading, blowing my nose (stupid three-days-left-at-work cold), and eating strawberry fruit bars.

march 14, 2010

See my sweet new bruises? I whacked my leg into a bench at Fort George on Wednesday.


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