150 Things

A friend recently posted a meme called “150 Things To Do Before You Turn Thirty”. While some of the items are unnecessary (“92 Buried one/both of your parents” – I would love to not have to do that until I’m well into my 50’s or later), it was fun to see what someone designated as important and how many I had already accomplished at 22. And so, in an attempt to actually start blogging more, I shall expand on the completed items on the list.

In the future I may jump around the list a bit, but for now I’ll start with the first accomplished item: 03. Climbed a mountain.

Saddle Mountain. Elev. 3288ft

I’ve always loved the mountains.
My first memories are from Kodiak, Alaska. My Dad was Coast Guard and we were stationed there from 1989-1992. The second house we lived in sat on Lake Louise, with the highway and mountains in the back ground. I remember one summer my Dad and a friend climbed the tallest of the mountains we could see – they told my Mom when they thought they’d be at the summit, so we went outside and watched for a reflection. When we did, I was hooked.
I would love the mountains from that moment on.

One of my silly pet names for The Explorer is “my Mountain Man”.
He loves to ski and has summited the high points of most States. [I hate awkwardly phrased sentences – every State has a high point. Some are bumps on the side of the road, others are at the top of mountains. He’s been to most.] He probably loves the mountains more than I do (he is older than me though, so I don’t mind too much, ha).
When he found out I hadn’t ever climbed up Saddle Mountain, he was shocked. I’m shocked it took me as long as it did! I love the outdoors but haven’t really ever known anyone who actually does things in the outdoors. One of the reasons I’m so thankful for my mister is because he’s opened that door for me. He’s all about the outdoors, so if he and I are going to work, I have to be too (his words, not mine).

One beautiful Saturday last September, after he got back from being underground for a month, we decided to hike up.
The trail is about 3 miles each direction. Some parts are steep-ish, but the steepest parts all have hand-rains or wooden steps. They have rest spots throughout the hike, usually at the beginning and end of each climb.

We of course brought Teewinot, D’s ever faithful climbing companion (though probably not for much longer – they climbed Mt. St. Helen’s this weekend and they’re both feeling pretty sore. D thought he was going to have to carry Tee the last 2 miles or so. Poor boy might be retired to a house dog.).

We left kind of late in the day, so we made it up to the top for sunset.

It was breathtaking.
We’re so blessed to live here. Here we were, standing on the highest point in the county, watching the sunset over the ocean.

While I don’t think this photo looks much like me, The Explorer says it’s his favorite photo of me. I’m always cheesy and tell him it’s cause I’m looking at him – which I think is actually true, as he always points at the photo when I’m filled to the brim with love for him.
/gushy ramblings

My adorable mister and I, at the top of my first mountain.


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