photo365: fortysix – fiftytwo

february 15, 2010

For the first time in my non-little kid life, I own a raincoat. It’s a GoLite Gamut jacket – original price $139.99, on sale for $69.99. Thank you, Next Adventure.

february 16, 2010

As I was driving home from work I thought it was way too beautiful to be inside at dance. Second later, my baby called me and said we were going flying. I haven’t been up since November, so it was definitely overdue. And the sunset was stellar. (Did I really just say stellar?)

february 17, 2010

It was so beautiful today, so instead of meeting at the pool to work out, we hiked up to the Column. It was gorgeous.

february 18, 2010

For our belated Valentine’s date we decided to fly to Portland for dinner. Definitely the most extravagant date I’ve ever been on.

february 19, 2010

Shadow kept trying to steal Christa’s scarf while I was knitting tonight.

february 20, 2010

Because of the uncharacteristically spring like weather we’ve been having, the sunsets have been breathtaking recently.

february 21, 2010

I hope I never grow tired of this view.

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