Painfully beautiful

It’s been a frustrating week at work.
Monday was one month from my last shift and I found myself counting down the days.
Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had all year. It was like God telling me to deal, because how can I be grumpy and frustrated when I get this view – every single day.

As I was driving home from work I thought it was way too beautiful to be inside at dance. Almost that same moment, my Explorer called and said we were going flying.
I haven’t been up since November and so was really hoping he’d suggest a trip.

We didn’t really go anywhere. Flew down to Seaside and did a landing, simply because the weather was so calm and there was no reason not to. Flew up and down the coast a couple times, then over Astoria, and out over the ocean for a bit.

I never mind if we don’t go anywhere – I just want to be up there, in the air, with the love of my life.

We are so lucky to live here.

The world is so different from the sky.
I can’t really describe it, other than it’s perfectly peaceful.
Stress from work, silly annoyances about the town, traffic, laundry – none of that matters when you’re 1500ft in the air.
It’s just you, the plane, and the air (well, and the mister flying the plane). It’s amazing.

We’re going on our Valentine’s Date tomorrow, which is our normal workout day. It was so amazing out again today, so we decided to take the pupper on a walk up to the Column. We made it up just after sunset.
I’m amazed by the beauty here every single day.


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