photo365: thirtytwo – thirtyeight

february 1, 2010

Dear Green Coconut Curry chicken, you are delicious and I like the way you set my mouth on fire. Love, me.

february 2, 2010

I got to be baker today. Along with two delicious Lemon Loafs, I made four batches of scones, and a batch of cookies. I need to bake at home more often.

february 3, 2010

Shadow is silly. I love her.

february 4, 2010

I’m so proud of my Daddy. He had the Grand Opening of Clatsop Coin tonight. He’s been the coin dealer in town for the past two years or so, but he didn’t have an actually store. Now he does and it looks so great!

february 5, 2010

Ma Barley concert for Bob Marley’s birthday today. They always put on such a great show.

february 6, 2010

A photo from a couple days ago that Tammy just sent me. I love Molly – she’s my second favorite Coffee Baby (Amelia is first favorite, obviously).

february 7, 2010

It was BEAUTIFUL today! A bit chilly, since it’s February and all, but we had the back door of Coffee Girl open for the first time this year.


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