photo365: twentyfive – thirtyone

january 25, 2010

I told Zetty I had my housing figured out for Seattle and when I was planning on heading up there. This was her response (both here and on the calendar). She really doesn’t want me to leave.

january 26, 2010

Triple pour! Eirean showed us a triple pour when he was here last week and my milk was amazing all day so I decided to try one. I’m so glad he came down again – I feel like such a better barista compared to last week.

january 27, 2010

I completely adore this Patagonia Capilene 4 The Explorer got me for Christmas. It’s so warm, but light weight and moveable.

january 28, 2010

I wasn’t really feeling Frank’s case anymore, so I popped into AT&T today. How adorable is this one?

january 29, 2010

Lithia Subaru called me yesterday to tell me the part I need was in. Only, not she discovered while on the phone. Decided that emailing her a picture of the exact piece I need might be the best idea.

january 30, 2010

Skiing was awesome today. D and I went up by ourselves, so it was just us all day. I’m loving being on the mountain.

january 31, 2010

I love sunsets here.

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