photo365: eighteen – twentyfour

january 18, 2010

I’m so glad I started Christa’s gloves over. The first ones I knit the cabling on too small needles. These ones are a lot more comfortable, plus the color-wise is so much prettier on these.

january 19, 2010

Thank you, Oregon, for letting me be lazy and vote by mail.

january 20, 2010

Kitty in a bag!

january 21, 2010

Eirean from Caffe D’Arte came down for a training today. It was good to go over basics again [note from future: I feel like my latte art and ability to pull shots has improved so much since Thursday!]. He called me “butch”, which made me laugh since he said I was “too butch” with my tamping last time as well. PLUS, he basically told me they’d find me a job at a Caffe D’Arte store when I get up to Seattle.

january 22, 2010

D’s beard is getting a little “mountain man”-y, but it’s wonderful to run your fingers through. Spencer saw him petting it and had to join in the fun.

january 23, 2010

It was gorgeous today. After work I wandered around the pier some – it was so peaceful! You could hear the water lapping and the birds flapping their wings.

january 24, 2010

I’m sorry, Red Laser, but that UPC is for Sun Chips, not “Mens AE Canoeing Elf Boxer – Scottish Blue”.


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