photo365: eleven – seventeen

january 11, 2010

Thank you, person who owned my car prior to me, for keeping things like battery warranties in the glove compartment.

january 12, 2010

I like that Blind Pilot is perfect rainy day Astoria music.

january 13, 2010

My Explorer and I at the Indian Food and IPAs Brewer’s Dinner at Fort George.

january 14, 2010

I wasn’t feeling well when I came home from work and so immediately went to sleep. Shadow joined me, under the covers, for my nap. She’s snuggly.

january 15, 2010

Scones! Tammy hit a wall about half way through her baking shift, so I finished the scones for her. [On the tray = cherry almond. In the blob = apricot lemon.]

january 16, 2010

It was so beautiful on the slopes today. I beasted a run that I fell or slid down the past three or four times I’ve tried, so it was a very successful day.

january 17, 2010

The best latte art of the day. I like that the crema is almost the same color as the saucer.


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