Promenades and penchés

There are classes when everything just seems to fall into place.

I have danced since I was little and it’s basically been the only thing I have always wanted to do. Yes, there were times when I was younger when I would respond with something other than dance to the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?”, but I think it was because I knew I would dance – I was just responding with what I would do as well.

Right before recital last year I hurt my ankle. Landed on the lateral side of my left foot. I should not have danced recital, but I had to. A month later I finally went to the doctor. Wore an awesome ankle brace for a couple of weeks and then had PT.

Today was my third class back since my injury – it was amazing.
Yesterday I did two different adagio combinations – the first time we’ve done it since before learning recital stuff last spring. I lovelovelove adagio – to me it’s the epitome of classical ballet. Promenades, penchés, developes.
I know that I’ll never make it as a professional ballet dancer – I don’t have the body type and at this point I should be at least an apprentice in a company. Jazz is where I belong in the dance world and I can not wait to get to Seattle and start training more seriously.
But even so, ballet is at the heart of my dance soul. On my worst days, the only thing that makes me feel better is class. It’s like the quote from Center Stage when Donna Murphy’s character tells Eva that the barre is home – that when nothing else makes sense, to come back to the barre. And that’s so true! Barre makes life make sense to me.

Ballet Majors 2005, Washington Academy of Performing Arts Conservatory High School and Professional Division


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