twohundrednine – twohundredfifteen

july 28, 2014

Sometimes I like to do something other than put my hair in a messy bun.

july 29, 2014

I whacked my elbow on the counter so very hard today. It immediately started swelling up and it’s going to be pretty tomorrow.

july 30, 2014

Roomie pic after dress rehearsal!

july 31, 2014

The struggle is real.

august 1, 2014

My jazz rep class before the show tonight!

august 2, 2014

I had no responsibilties today until ushering the IDT show in the evening, so I wandered Pearl Street. Very happy I got to enjoy the gorgeous Boulder weather!

august 3, 2014

I’m very happy I got to spend the past two weeks with these three wonderful ladies.

twohundredtwo – twohundredeight

july 21, 2014

Good morning, Boulder!

july 22, 2014

Day two of the workshop and I’ve already discovered new bruises.

july 23, 2014

A hint of sunset through the trees on campus.

july 24, 2014

Holy gorgeous sky, batman!

july 25, 2014

Interweave Dance Theatre flashmob show at Pearl Street Mall!

july 26, 2014

Setting up for tech rehearsal tomorrow. This girl got to spend three hours dancing and three hours focusing lights today and it was wonderful.

july 27, 2014

Tandem spotting at Half Fast Subs.

onehundredsixty – onehundredsixtysix

june 9, 2014

I’m trying to eat a lot more veggies. I love broccoli!

june 10, 2014

I managed to pack before it got dark, so relaxation time!

june 11, 2014

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m on vacation! Spending a week in New Jersey and Delaware! Two days with Emily from UM, including a trip to the City, then the rest of the week with Gabi and her Bryan in Jersey and Delaware for Lindsay’s wedding!

june 12, 2014

It smells like heaven!

june 13, 2014

The night before Lindsay’s wedding involved lots of nail polish, wine, and heart-to-heart chats with Gabi until 4am.

june 14, 2014

I am so very, very happy I was able to spend this beautiful day with Lindsay and her new husband Josh.

june 15, 2014

KBSD/ADA Recital, lets do this!

onehundredthirtytwo – onehundredthirtyeight

may 12, 2014

I went to the National Bison Range with my parents and Grandma today, It was so beautiful!

may 13, 2014

The moon was so big and bright on the way to dinner with Clare tonight.

may 14, 2014

After our modern performance tonight, Jes had us over for a fire.

may 15, 2014

Karl and Nathan wore the most perfect shirts today.

may 16, 2014

I believe we have a graduate in the house!

may 17, 2014

New maters! So excited for the garden this year.

may 18, 2014

I might actually die from how cute the pre-ballet classes were today in the Ballet Arts Academy recital.

onehundredtwentyfive – onehundredthirtyone

may 5, 2014

A post-double dress rehearsal shower beer.

may 6, 2014

Dance New Works 2014: Welcome to The Moulin Rouge, choreographed by Jessica Leanne.
Photo by William Munoz.

may 7, 2014

Dance New Works 2014: Lineage, excerpt from Blank Paper, choreographed by Jes Mullette.
Photo by William Munoz.

may 8, 2014

Dance New Works 2014: Exoneration, choreographed by Jacqueline Marie Pettus.
photo by William Munoz.

may 9, 2014

Dance New Works 2014: Logolepsy, facilitated by Emily Jay Vascimini.
Photo by William Munoz.

may 10, 2014

Dance New Works 2014: Club Royals, choreographed by Brooke Carlisle.
Photo by William Munoz.

may 11, 2014

Theatre & Dance Picnic today. On top of the best Paper Plate Award ever, I also received two scholarships!!

onehundredeleven – onehundredseventeen

april 21, 2014

Officialy a BFA Dance Major! (One day my name will be spelled correctly.)

april 22, 2014

The last 24 days of the semester, broke down into seven pages of exactly what class, rehearsal, performance, homework I have every day.

april 23, 2014

Life Of A Double Major: Is This Bruise From Modern Or Scene Shop?

april 24, 2014

Spend shop class painting the floor for Midsummer.

april 25, 2014

Hippie snacks to the rescue.

april 26, 2014

For the informal concert this semester, we revived Cygnets from Swan Lake, this time called The Ugly Ducklings and starring one of our Modern professors, Heidi.
Photo by William Munoz.

april 27, 2014

The ladies of Jackie’s senior piece. (Bevel for life.)

ninety – nintysix

march 31, 2014

Sydoney is a doll and made dinner for all us ACDFA volunteers. Jackie brought her roomie’s new puppy Titan, so after filling our bellies, we filled our laps!

april 1, 2014

The Bitterroot Flower Shop donated the most beautiful bouquets for ACDFA this week!

april 2, 2014

How dancers strike without a ladder. (Featuring: the ladder behind the flat.)

april 3, 2014

Day two of ACDFA, here we go!

april 4, 2014

1am selfie: I spent 17+ hours at school today and have to be back in less than 7 hours.

april 5, 2014

Dolled up for Gala!

april 6, 2014

First day post-ACDFA: iced coffee, blue skies, and puppers in the back yard.